Visionary designer and master of cut,Yohji Yamamoto has shaken the Western fashion destructuring the dress and mixing natural and technological yarns with is style unmistakably "post-atomic". From the beginning of his career Yohji will become, over the years, one of the most influential designers of the entire global landscape of fashion. The asymmetric creations of Yohji Yamamoto drive our minds in a transition zone where they blend perfectly future and ancient traditions. A non-place where the differences between male and female are canceled. A deconstruction of the image that is transformed in the uniqueness of a precious work of art. The Ideal chief does not have a well-defined size and fits true: the imagination must be free to guess the line of the wearer. The forms that follow tend to propose a new geography of the body contours that are not well defined: the final appearance is vague and imprecise and makes the clothes, for this, sublime and fascinating.  

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