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Artisanal, Sustainable and Genderless

For this Fall / Winter 2021/2022 season, we are pleased to introduce a new designer who enhances our continuous search for details, originality and above all, avant-garde. The unmistakable Flemish style, the beating heart of European creativity, could only bring us back, sooner or later, to Antwerp. And this is where we had the honor of knowing Jan-Jan Van Essche's philosophy. 

2nd Collab Converse x DRKSHDW

Second limited edition release for the Converse x DRKSHDW collaboration. The main features that distinguish the traits of the iconic Rick Owens style in detail are: high upper in premium laced leather based on the classic "weapon" model of converse originating from the mid-80s and famously worn by basketball player Magic Johnson signature DRKSHDW

New Capsule Collection Converse X DRKSHDW

For the first time in its century of existence, Converse, alongside one of fashion's iconoclast, Rick Owens, launch a new interpretation of the iconic Chuck Taylor silhouette crafted with a square-toe execution.The TURBODRK Chuck 70 follows Owens' practice of confident contortion of cultural signifiers and his distinct choice of him to bend and reshape the canvas shoe. Through an extension of the tongue and squaring of the toe, a new take on the silhouette emerges in both a Hi and Ox cut.

Second Collab. Dr. Martens X Rick Owens

The limited edition of the second and last Dr. Martens X Rick Owens collaboration will be available on May 8th from 9:00 am. This time the classic models of the Dr. Martens brand are the more slender classic Gryphon gladiator sandal with more prominent buckles and the laced shoe with the double non-conformist stitching highlighted also on the amphibians of the past edition.

Matsuda Eyewear Perfection Avant-garde

For this Spring / Summer we have decided to embark again on a journey towards luxury handcrafted eyewear that concerns more or less the designers we deal with in the fashion field. In fact, more than a new entry, we can speak of a happy return, that of Matsuda, a brand that has occupied an important part of our boutique in the past. We have always remained sensitive to his unmistakable style.

Dr. Martens X Rick Owens

On March 20, 2021, the first concept model in collaboration with Dr. Martens for Rick Owens will be available for sale online and in-store. For this project, the Californian designer wanted to reinterpret the iconic plattform model Dr. Martens in a Goth key. In particular, the interweaving of laces desired by the designer stands out, clearly delineating the shape of a star on the upper, furthermore the double stitching gives the boots a more solid and statuesque shape.

Unconventional Style Spring/Summer 2021

The new season is finally upon us and together with it a renewed cry of hope and trust in the near future seems to inevitably find itself. Let's hope it's the right time. In fact, judging by the creativity of our stylists, all of this only adds to inspiration and mixes ideas up again. In detail we notice an explosion of colors that break the mantra of monochromatic shades such as earth, dust, grays, blacks, a violent irruption of patterns with accents and bright colors. Stories and multicultural experiences in continuous evolution, which merge and mix in a vortex of rediscovered creativity.

End of Season Sale F/W 2020/2021

Once again we have reached the end of the season. It goes without saying that it was a very difficult year in which most of our work had to be done remotely, both in terms of research and in terms of a strong relationship with our clients. However, thanks to increasingly innovative technologies, our collections are increasingly easier to consult, even if the human relationship is unfortunately lacking and having to explain what fashion represents in a complete and fully exhaustive way, for us today, has not been absolutely easy.

How to make our online shop more valuable and functional

With the arrival of the new online shop, from this year we wanted to offer the opportunity to purchase and give exclusive "Gift Cards" of variable value. In this way our customers will have the opportunity to choose which card to give as a gift and the corresponding value can be deducted from the purchase that the "recipient" will make. The card will be valid for 12 months. During this time it will be possible to purchase any clothing, leather goods, footwear, eyewear and accessories product.

Creativity and Deconstruction according to Yohji Yamamoto

You know, Yohji Yamamoto is the absolute master of the deconstructed style that has revolutionized fashion in the last 30 years. A style capable of deconstructing classic fashion with lines of pure poetry. Now it is he himself who has traced the way to revolutionize style, alter stereotypes, destabilize our concepts of clothing.